Laser Material Processing Courses

Increase your knowledge and skills with professional continuing education courses from the UW–Madison Engineering Professional Development. Find the latest information on many topics, including:

  • Laser welding, weld inspection, and weld defects
  • Laser cutting and laser drilling
  • Beam analysis and beam diagnostics
  • Process validation

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Who Will Benefit

  • Manufacturing and production engineers
  • Mechanical and design engineers
  • Tooling engineers
  • Laser operators working in any aspect of laser material processing

What Attendees Say About Our Courses

The speaker’s knowledge of laser applications is exceptional. I would recommend this course to anyone involved in laser processing.”
—Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

“This course brought a lot of information together—a must for laser engineers.”
—Laser Process Engineer

“Anyone involved in lasers should attend, as this course really cuts to the issues involved in laser processing.”
—Manufacturing Engineer

“Great seminar! Well organized and interesting. The speaker’s knowledge and experience in this field are extraordinary. I am anxious to get back to work to deal with all the issues/questions/solutions from the class with regard to improving our laser processes.”

“I can’t think of a course I’ve attended that was as well organized and delivered. I came away with complete confidence that I am now laser ‘literate’.”
—Manufacturing Engineer

“This course quickly solved several problems that we were having with our lasers.”
—Safety Officer

“The formulas and scientific approach to setting up weld parameters will be very helpful.”
—Senior Manufacturing Specialist

“I appreciate the homework and problem solving sessions. They really bring the information home and show how to apply this knowledge to solve problems on the job.”
—Mechanical Engineer

More Information

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Laser Welding Certificate

You will gain marketable recognition through two certificates that focus on laser welding equipment, process validation, and inspection. The three certificate series incorporate the guidelines of ISO, FDA, and AWS to provide the best practice standards for the laser welding industry. The Accredited Laser Welding Professional Certification is for the primary technical professional involved in the design, engineering and/or management of laser welding parts, assemblies or operations. The Accredited Laser Welding Process Technical Support Provider Certification is for the technical support provider responsible for the hands-on set-up, calibration and operations of the laser welding process. The Accredited Laser Weld Inspector Certification acknowledges those responsible for the inspection of completed laser welds.

Learn more about the Laser Welding Certificate.


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