University of Wisconsin's Engineering Professional Development offers several certificate series which allow you to focus your continuing education in a specific area. Each series features courses designed to help you keep pace with the latest practices and technologies in your field.

Employers acknowledge the certificate series as proof of your effort to keep up with the rapid changes in technology, the marketplace, and the global economy.

Maintenance Management Certificate

Keep up to date with the changes and innovations in the maintenance field. Attend five courses from the Maintenance Management Series list. For maintenance professionals, materials and purchasing managers, plant managers, and professionals with related product, process or facility responsibilities.

Lean Operations Management Certificate

Learn the strategies, tactics and tools necessary to advance the performance of your organization. Offered jointly with UW-Madison School of Business, this certificate is for VPs, directors and managers of manufacturing and operations, general managers, plant managers, industrial managers, production control managers and staff, planners and master schedulers, design and process improvement engineers, materials/inventory managers, procurement managers, MIS managers, systems administrators, and controllers. Complete six courses from the Operations curriculum.

Commissioning Process Certifications

Gain a marketable, independently-recognized certification as a professional knowledgeable in the commissioning process. Three unique certifications offer applicants recognition for their skills, through a combination of training, examination, and proof of professional experience.

Laser Welding Certificate

Gain marketable recognition in two series that focus on laser welding equipment and process validation. Two certificate series are available that incorporate the guidelines of ISO, FDA, and AWS to provide the best practice standards for the laser welding industry. The Accredited Laser Welding Professional certification is for the primary technical professional involved in the design, engineering and/or management of laser welding parts, assemblies or operations. The Accredited Laser Welding Process Technical Support Provider is for the technical support provider responsible for the hands-on set-up, calibration and operations of the laser welding process.

Technical Leadership Certificate

Offered jointly with UW-Madison School of Business, this series features innovative management training for technical professionals transitioning into managerial and leadership roles. Develop the qualitative and quantitative skills of a successful leader.

Pilot Plant Certificate

The Pilot Plant Certificate (PPC) series features practical, problem-solving courses that help new and experienced professionals keep pace with the latest innovations, codes and technology in industrial pilot plants, laboratories, and research facilities.

Public Works Certificates

The University of Wisconsin–Madison's Transportation Information Center, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA), offers two certificates designed to help develop leaders in public works.

Professional Development in Disaster Management

In 1994, as part of its ongoing commitment to professional development in disaster/emergency management, the University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center established the Disaster Management (DM) Diploma. This is a personal study program that can combine UW–DMC self-study courses with courses from other organizations anywhere in the world.

Technical Japanese Certificate

American corporations are rapidly increasing their level of technical cooperation with Japanese firms. The Technical Japanese certificate series is designed to help technical professionals gain reading and translation skills in technical Japanese and conversational ability in modern, colloquial Japanese. This option is for the technical professional who is seeking to advance their knowledge and skills in technical Japanese without pursuing the Master of Technical Japanese degree. UW-Madison has been a leader in technical Japanese for nearly 20 years. The aggressive use of distance education technology has been a hallmark of the technical Japanese program at UW-Madison for nearly a decade. Earn your Technical Japanese certificate by completing a minimum of 18 credits from the list of approved courses.

Public Works Supervisory Academy Certificate

Learn the skills needed to be a successful public works supervisor by completing nine courses in the Public Works Supervisory Academy.

Public Works Management Institute Certificate

Building on the leadership skills gained in the Public Works Supervisory Academy, the Wisconsin Public Works Management Institute includes 6 additional days of course work that prepare you to advance in public works management roles.

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