Building Codes, Inspection, Planning and Zoning Courses

Increase your knowledge and skills in building codes, inspection, planning, and zoning with professional continuing education courses from the UW-Madison Engineering Professional Development.

Find the latest information on many topics, including:

  • Building inspection, building codes, and building code inspection
  • Site planning
  • Land-use management and land-use ordinances
  • Electrical inspection and mechanical inspection
  • Architectural engineering
  • Urban planning, urban design, and zoning

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Who Will Benefit

  • Design professionals and planners
  • Zoning administrators and economic development officials
  • Municipal managers, attorneys, and elected officials
  • Urban housing inspectors and building inspectors
  • Housing authority managers and inspectors
  • Redevelopment authority employees and rehabilitation specialists
  • Architecture, engineering, and construction professionals

What Attendees Say About Our Courses

“Identified importance of management budgets, hammers (now cheap hammers) and best practices for procedures.”
—Adam Panek, Village of Mount Prospect

“Moved along nicely covering topics class was specifically interested in. Good use of time, well organized.”
—Marianne Wayne, City of Marengo

“All presentations were excellent, informative, low-key, humorous, and based on extensive experience.”
—Jack Von Benken, Dann Engineering

“Knowledgeable presenter kept session moving, useful answers to real-world questions.”
—Guy J. Smith PE, Suburban Electrical Engineers/Contractors

More Information

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