University of Wisconsin–Madison Engineering Professional Development courses meet the requirements for engineering Professional Development Hours (PDH) and AIA Learning Units (LU) in all states. Course content must be related to your professional practice in order to qualify in most states.

State and Association Requirements

For specific information on state licensing or credit requirements, please contact your state licensing board. If you are seeking certification through a professional association, please review requirements with your association.
(Our provider number for the Florida engineering licensing board is 0004040—Educational Institutions. The New York engineering licensing board also recognizes accredited educational institutions as approved providers of continuing education. New York does not, however, assign provider numbers.)

Engineering Professionals:

You can take any of our engineering courses for Professional Development Hours (PDH). Our engineering courses, with clearly stated purposes and objectives, will maintain, improve, or expand your professional skills and knowledge.

Architectural/Design Professionals:

University of Wisconsin–Madison Engineering Professional Development is an American Institute of Architects (AIA) approved sponsor/provider of continuing education courses. Architectural/design professionals will receive AIA learning units (LU/HSW) for all courses designating LU availability.

All Enrollees:

Upon successful completion of any University of Wisconsin–Madison continuing education course, you will receive a certificate of professional accomplishment indicating the specific number of Continuing Education Units (CEU) earned. University of Wisconsin use of the CEU follows internationally accepted criteria and guidelines of The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

One PDH = one contact hour of instruction
One CEU = 10 contact hours of instruction
One LU = one contact hour of instruction
One CEU = 10 LU = 10 PDH

How Many Credits per Course?

Typically for our offerings, a two-day course is valued at 12 PDH, 12 LU or 1.2 CEU, a three-day course at 18 PDH, 18 LU or 1.8 CEU, and a five-day course at 40 PDH, 40 LU or 4.0 CEU.


CEU earned through our courses are recorded on an ongoing transcript in the attendee's name. Official transcripts are available for $5.00 each from the Student Records Office, University of Wisconsin–Extension, 702 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706.


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