EPD 530 Advanced Technical Japanese Seminar

3 graduate credits

Instructor: Professor James L. Davis
Phone: 608/262-4810
Email: jdavis@engr.wisc.edu

Course objective:
To provide practice in reading and translating portions of recent Japanese documents dealing with technical topics.

Course description:
Students read and translate current technical articles from Japanese journals. Recent topics have included computers, electronics and automotive systems. Supplementary readings are taken from current Japanese technical books. Topics and readings vary yearly.

Two years of Japanese language instruction.

Translation assignments will be made biweekly throughout the semester. Homework will be submitted and returned via email.

None. Grade will be based solely on biweekly translation assignments.

Computer requirements:
Access to the Internet and email.

Reference Books:
The Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary, A.N. Nelson, Tuttle, ISBN 0-8048-0408-7 or The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary, J. H. Haig, Tuttle, ISBN 0-8048-2036-8; Shogakukan Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary, I. Kondo and F. Takano, Shogakukan, ISBN 4-09-510253-5. (Vendor for all: University Bookstore, 711 State Street, Madison, WI 53703, phone 800-993-2665, fax 608-257-9479).

Course notes:
All readings and handouts will be provided by the instructor at no charge.


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