ECE 411 Introduction to Electric Drive Systems

3 graduate credits

Instructor: Professor Thomas M. Jahns
Phone: 608/262-5702

Course objective:
To provide the basic theory for the analysis and application of adjustable speed drive systems employing power electronic converters and ac or dc machines.

Course description:
Covers DC machine control; variable frequency operation of induction and synchronous machines; unbalanced operation and symmetrical components; scaling laws for electric machines; adjustable speed drives; adjustable torque drives; introduction to AC machine dynamics.

Basic course in electro-mechanical energy conversion (ECE 355) or consent of instructor.

Ten required assignments.


Midterm exam covering first seven weeks, and final exam covering entire course but emphasizing material from second half of course

Computer software:
A student version of MATLAB is available for purchase from WISC Software. Contact the Department of Engineering Professional Development for details.

Textbook/course notes:
The course textbook can be purchased from the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC).


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