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Aim and Scope of Disaster Management (AA02)

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This self-study course defines the scope and objectives of the field of disaster management. You will look at concepts and terms differentiating between natural disaster assistance and refugee operations, examine tools and methods, and learn some technology appropriate to the field. The course consists of five lessons with self-graded examinations and one university-graded examination.


  • Scope and Objectives of Disaster Management
  • Disaster Managers
  • Elements of Disaster Management
  • Natural Disasters; Man-made Disasters
  • Disaster Victim
  • Disaster Relief Systems
  • Phases of Disaster Response
  • Phases of Relief Operations
  • Government’s Role
  • Foreign Assistance Patterns
  • Refugee Operations
  • Assistance Models
  • Prevention and Mitigation Tools
  • Preparedness Tools
  • Tools of Post-Disaster Management
  • Mapping
  • Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing
  • Communications; Information Management
  • Logistics
  • Epidemiology


This self-study course will meet the needs of people involved in disaster management for both sudden-onset natural disasters (i.e., earthquakes, floods, hurricanes) and slow-onset disasters (i.e., famine, drought). The course will benefit government personnel, representatives of private voluntary agencies, and other individuals interested in disaster management.


By participating in this course, you will earn 20 Professional Development Hours (PDH), 20 AIA Learning Units (LU) and 2 Continuing Education Units (CEU). Learn more about PDH, LU, CEU and state licensing boards.

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We have designed this self-study course to meet your learning needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Engineering Professional Development has more than 50 years of experience in delivering courses via independent study.  You can study this course from your office, home, or anywhere. All course materials are included in a downloadable PDF document.

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